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Friday, December 17, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

So I sort of forgot to update after the second post. I'm going to leave this post as a general current project status list for now.

- The direct-to-pcb printer project is being slowed to a crawl because I just discovered that barebones PCB ( has 1 day turnaround on plain ol' PCBs without being ultra-expensive. The lack of a soldermask, honestly, is good enough for me. I never cared to bother with silkscreens for prototype projects--the extra time spent getting the damned silkscreen on the parts aligned and non-overlapping is probably more than the extra time it takes to print out a piece of paper with the guide and to work it out manually.

That, and I need an adjustable HV power supply and HV probe for the transfer section. I'm fairly certain that the issue is simply that I need more volts. . .

Maybe when I have a whole summer free (which doesn't look like it's going to happen for at least a year or two. . .I hope the PCB prototyping market is actually that slow!) I can get around to working on this. Or maybe I can figure out some way to delegate. . .

- Effects pedal. You'll hear about it eventually.

- Solid LED Dance floor tiles / LED throwies / LED room decor / LED projects. Currently active.

- UV exposure box. The head is done! Still need to make a box and paint it. Probably about 30W output UV power!

- Stainless steel etching / photolithography.

- Lazer Tag - postponed until the next time I get bored with the taggers. They're SO much fun!

Little projects I'm remembering about that I need to do:
- remote standalone computer power switch. I want to be able to turn on or off my remote server with a low power, secure Internet-connected device without needing someone to do it manually. Seems easy enough--if I'm lucky, I'll be able to use one of my old dev boards to pull it off.

- low cost standalone digitally controllable (SPI, I2C) ultra low standby MP3 player with sequencer (?) - animatronics and pranks. Much easier now with LPC1111 on the market!

hm. I thought I had more. I guess I'll be updating this list.